Webb City High School students receive scholarships during awards night (2022)

These are the Webb City High School students who were awarded scholarships during the annual Senior Academic Awards Night.

Here are the following students and scholarships:

• MO Scholars Academy (Sophomores) — Ella Hensley and Trevor Peterson.

• Joplin Globe All Area Academic Team — Zoe Still, Baylor Dickinson and Connor Peterson.

• Missouri Fine Arts Academy (Sophomores) — Anne Marie Wright and Bethanie Day.

• Alma & Alfred Dawson Scholarship — Delaney Duke.

• Alfred & Polly Jenkins Educational Scholarship — Solara Thompson.

• Amanda Green Memorial Scholarship — Haylee Murray and Walker Hoffman.

• Andy Brown Memorial Scholarship — Walker Hoffman.

• B.J. Scofield Memorial Scholarship — Buddy Belcher.

• Bennett, Beverly & Pamela Smith Memorial Scholarship — Braeden Jackson.

• Bettie Guynn Scholarship — Lauren Kuechler.

• Bill’s Electric Scholarship — Joshua Howard and Paige Williams.

• Bryann Baird Memorial Scholarship — Solara Thompson.

• Bud & Betty Lee Passley Scholarship — Alanna Bundy.

• Bud Powers Memorial Scholarship — Courtney Balcom and Chloe Ingle.

• Carterville Elementary School Scholarship — Morgan Brannon and Sophia Coulson.

• Challenge Your Potential Scholarship — Connor Peterson.

• Charles Douglas Rea Scholarship — Gracie Cole.

• Charles L. Cummings Memorial Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson.

• Charles Russell Scholarship — Austyn Mickey.

• Classmates of 1962 Scholarship — Elliett Capron and Sidney Lewis.

• Classmates of 1941 Scholarship — Laya McAllister.

• Clyde & Mary Louise Lacey Scholarship — Isaac Crouch.

• Community Blood Center of the Ozarks — Morgan Robinson.

• Continuing the American Dream Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson, Skyler Denton, Sydney French, Walker Hoffman, Joshua Howard, and Connor Peterson.

• Curtis Kamler Memorial Scholarship — Joshua Howard.

• D.A.R. Good Citizen Award — Morgan Robinson.

• Darrell Hicks Sr. Memorial Scholarship — Buddy Belcher and Cade Wilson.

• Dave Collard Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Houston Collard.

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• Dave Dean Doll Scholarship — Adysen Howerton and Jeremiah Leaming.

• David Elliott Scholarship — Kaden Turner.

• Debbie Doss Memorial Scholarship — Sydney French.

• Dixie Dawson Scholarship — Daniel Roy.

• Dorothy Cooper Memorial Scholarship — Caitlyn Meador and Haylee Murray.

• Dr. Ronald R. Barton Memorial Scholarship — Atticus Johnson.

• Dr. Ronald Lankford Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson.

• Elaine Shewmake Memorial Scholarship — Emma Welch

• Excellence in Science Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson.

• Gail & Nola Anderson Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Gavin Burdette.

• Gaskill Foundation Scholarship — Alanna Bundy, Dustin Brockmiller, Gracie Cole, Lannie Cole, Kane Ely, Kyahn Ely, Kaylyn Gilbert, Lacy Haddock, Jayden Haggard, Natalie Lewis, Bailey Moore, Faithlyn Shank, Joyce Stapleton, Lauren Stump and Kaeden Tebbets.

• George & Nancy Spaeth Scholarship — Lannie Cole.

• Gerald and Maxine Smith Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson and Zoe Still.

• Geraldine Benge Carter Scholarship — Eva Krtek.

• Glenn Dolence Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Riley Hawkins.

• Graeber Memorial Mid Missouri Bank Scholarship — Israel Bemo and Silas Frank.

• Helen M. Robins Memorial Scholarship — Makenzie Storm.

• Henrietta Crotty Memorial Scholarship — Taylor Ward.

• Isabella Duensing Moss Scholarship — Angel Gallegos.

• Jack & Barbara Simpson Memorial Scholarship — Caitlyn Meador and Chloe Terry.

• Jane VanHoose Benson Scholarship — Elijah Smith.

• Jeanne Newby Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Ryan Collins.

• Jim & Karen Latimer Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson.

• Jim Dawson Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Tristan Barroeta.

• Joyce Pitts Memorial Scholarship — Anna Cook.

• Keith Barnes Scholarship — Carter Rives and Paige Williams.

• King Jack Yearbook Scholarship — Chloe Ingle, Ella Gardner and Zoe Still.

• Layne Sanders Memorial Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson, and Austin McGuirk.

• Lloyd & Doris Brock Scholarship — Elliett Capron.

• Lucinda Copeland Distinguished Citizen — Shelby Ensminger.

• Marianne & Jeremy Rusk Academic Scholarship — Makenzie Storm.

• Marilyn Pierce Memorial Scholarship — Delaney Duke, Jeremiah Leaming, Sidney Lewis, Connor Peterson, and Zion Wood.

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• Marjorie Thompson Green Scholarship — Kaylee Smith.

• Max H. Glover Rotary Club Scholarship — Eric Fitch and Casey Williamson.

• Maxine Elliott Fletcher Scholarship — Peyton Hawkins.

• Meg Berrian Vocal Music Scholarship — Gavin Burdette.

• Merle & Evelyn Lortz Memorial Scholarship — Shenel King.

• Mid-MO Bank Investing in Future Leaders — Peyton Hawkins.

• Morris Family Scholarship — Connor Peterson and Elena Ross.

• Nancy Spaeth Early Childhood Scholarship — Ella Gardner.

• Nichols/Richardson Scholarship — Courtney Balcom and Walker Hoffman.

• Pam Roderique Drake Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Israel Bemo.

• Paul Bottom Memorial Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson.

• Randy Wilson Distinguished Citizen Scholarship — Lauren Hicks.

• Retiree Recognition — Russell Ball (Aidan Wiggins).

• Retiree Recognition — Rebecca Botts (Delaney Duke).

• Retiree Recognition — Kevin Cooper (Isabella Castillo).

• Retiree Recognition — Jan Cortez (Sydney French).

• Retiree Recognition — Rita Womack (Joyce Stapleton).

• Retiree Recognition — Diane Freitas (Anna Cook).

• Retiree Recognition — Randall Hayes (Kaylyn Gilbert).

• Retiree Recognition — Glenda Irwin (Shelby Ensminger).

• Retiree Recognition — Pam McClintock (Haylee Murray).

• Retiree Recognition — Nancy Russow (Luke Wilson).

• Retiree Recognition — Jan Shelley (Baylor Dickinson).

• Retiree Recognition — Jill Summers (Ellie Howerton).

• Retiree Recognition — Vernon Williams (Zion Wood).

• Rick Utter Educational Scholarship — Emily Burke.

• Ron & Cindy Lamere Memorial Scholarship — Josie Spikereit.

• Royal and Ray Dean DeGraffenreid Scholarship — Chloe Ingle.

• Ruth & Joe Hensley Scholarship — Elena Ross.

• Shelter Insurance Scholarship — Makenzie Storm.

• Southwest Missouri Bank Scholarship — Jordyn Dickey.

• Stephen & Leota Talbott Scholarship — Shenel King.

(Video) Newburyport High School Scholarship Award Ceremony May 26, 2021

• The Helping Hand — Silas Frank.

• Tom Gosch Cardinal Pride Scholarship — Casey Williamson.

• Treva Dawson Memorial Scholarship — Ellie Howerton.

• WCR7 Support Staff Scholarship — Laya McAllister.

• WCHS Athletic Booster Club Academic Scholarship — Israel Bemo, Elliett Capron, Houston Collard, Rachel Davison, Riley Hawkins, Joshua Howard, Austyn Mickey, Morgan Robinson, Elena Ross, Makenzie Storm, Kaden Turner and Emma Welch.

• WC CARES Scholarship — Charity Brower, Haylee Murray, Connor Peterson, MacKenzie Robbins and Josie Spikereit.

• WC Choir Boosters Matthew Holt Scholarship — Gavin Burdette, Kyahn Ely and Bailey Moore.

• WC Choir Boosters Scholarship — Christian Alberts, Charity Brower, Isabella Castillo, Jeramiah Cloyd, Madalyn Cox, Kane Ely, Silas Frank, Kayla Helms, Riley Kreighbaum, Natalie Lewis, Sidney Lewis, Myah Njoroge, Connor Peterson, Daniel Roy, Faithllyn Shank, Ethan Shipley, Joyce Stapleton, Kaeden Tebbets and Casey Williamson.

• WC Elks Vocational Scholarship — MacKenzie Robbins.

• WC Foundation Scholarship — Rachel Davison and Zoe Still.

• WC Soccer Club Scholarship — Israel Bemo.

• WCHS NEST Scholarship — Christian Alberts, Ashlynn Atkins, Aidan Brock, Dustin Brockmiller, Addelyn Clements, Gracie Cole, Lannie Cole, Brynna Cupp, Rachel Davison, Mica Oates, Gavin Stowell, Avery Westhoven and Brentan Wilson.

• WCHS Outstanding Citizens Award — Israel Bemo and Zion Wood.

• WCCTA Scholarship — Isabella Castillo, Madalyn Cox, Mica Oates and Daunte Smiles.

• William Corl Memorial Scholarship — Aubree Brouwer, Rachel Davison and Zoe Still.

• Wm Terry James Memorial Scholarship — Morgan Robinson.

• Honor Diploma, Summa Cum Laude (4.0 and above) — Ashlynn Atkins, Charity Brower, Rachel Davison, Baylor Dickinson, Connor Peterson, Morgan Robinson, Zoe Still and Aidan Wiggins.

• Honor Diploma, Magna Cum Laude (3.67-3.99) — Christian Alberts, Emily Baer, Courtney Balcom, Tristan Barroeta, Israel Bemo, Dustin Brockmiller, Alanna Bundy, Emily Burke, Elliett Capron, Gracie Cole, Lannie Cole, Houston Collard, Sophia Coulson, Delaney Duke, Kyahn Ely, Shelby Ensminger, Sydney French, Ella Gardner, Payton Hawkins, Riley Hawkins, Kayla Helms, Lauren Hicks, Walker Hoffman, Joshua Howard, Ellie Howerton, Chloe Ingle, Atticus Johnson, Lauren Kuechler, Jeremiah Leaming, Lynnzie Maynard, Austyn Mickey, Mica Oates, Carter Rives, Elena Ross, Ripley Shanks, Josie Spikereit, Makenzie Storm, Kaeden Tebbets, Emma Welch, Hannah Wells, Paige Williams and Casey Williamson.

• Honor Diploma, Cum Laude (3.33-3.66) — Morgan Brannon, Aidan Brock, Brantley Carter, Anna Cook, Skyler Denton, Emily Eldred, Kane Ely, Eric Fitch, Kaylyn Gilbert, Laya McAllister, Myah Njoroge, MacKenzie Robbins, Daniel Roy, Ethan Shipley, Elijah Smith, Joyce Stapleton, Blake Vaughan and Zion Wood.

• Missouri A+ Completion Recognition — Shelbee Aleshire, Hannah Allen, Cameron Bloomberg, Morgan Brannon, Dustin Brockmiller, Alanna Bundy, Elliett Capron, Isabella Castillo, Kamryn Cox, Madalyn Cox, Maggie Crossley, Isaac Crouch, Eric Fitch, Ella Gardner, Peyton Hawkins, Riley Hawkins, Walker Hoffman, Chloe Ingle, Braeden Jackson, Riley Kreighbaum, Eva Krtek, Lauren Kuechler, Nevina Lamont, Lynnzie Maynard, Haylee Murray, Mica Oates, Connor Peterson, MacKenzie Robbins, Morgan Robinson, Faithllyn Shank, Ethan Shipley, Josie Spikereit, Joyce Stapleton, Makenzie Storm, Chloe Terry, Solara Thompson, Kaden Turner, Emma Welch, Paige Williams, Casey Williamson, Brentan Wilson, Cade Wilson, Jessica Withenshaw, Jordan Withenshaw and Samuel Young.

• Colorado State University Green & Gold Scholarship — Sierra Drapeau.

• Crowder College Foundation Scholarship — Angel Banda Antillon, Morgan Brannon, Austyn Mickey and Mica Oates.

• Evangel University Founders Scholarship — Jeremiah Leaming.

• Kansas City Art Institute Presidents Cabinet Scholarship — Zoe Still.

• Harding University Academic Achievement Scholarship — Shelby Ensminger.

• Harding University Presidential Grant — Shelby Ensminger.

• Missouri Bright Flight — Ashlynn Atkins, Baylor Dickinson, Atticus Johnson, Connor Peterson, Elijah Smith and Zoe Still.

• Missouri Southern State University Evans Honors Scholarship — Kamryn Cox, Atticus Johnson and Paige Williams.

• Missouri Southern State University MOSO Merit Green Scholarship — Lauren Kuechler, Nevina Lamont and Hannah Wells.

• Missouri Southern State University MOSO Merit Gold Scholarship — Sophia Coulson and Hunter Frazier.

• Missouri Southern State University MOSO Merit Premier Scholarship — Ashlynn Atkins, Courtney Balcom, Alanna Bundy, Elliett Capron, Peyton Hawkins, Riley Hawkins, Chloe Ingle, Morgan Robinson and Kaeden Tebbets.

• Missouri Southern State University A+ Leadership Scholarship — Chloe Ingle, Riley Kreighbaum, Mackenzie Robbins, Faithllynn Shank, Solara Thompson and Chloe Terry.

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• Missouri Southern State University Golden Lion Award — Paige Williams.

• Missouri Southern State University Foundation Scholarship — Kaeden Tebbets.

• Missouri State University Academic Achievement Award — Taylor Ward.

• Missouri State University Deans Scholarship — Kayla Helms and Elijah Smith.

• Missouri State University Promise Scholarship — Charity Brower, Emily Eldred and Blake Vaughan.

• Missouri State University Deans on Campus Housing Scholarship — Kayla Helms and Elijah Smith.

• Missouri State University A+ Scholarship — Charity Brower and Casey Williamson.

• Missouri State University Inclusive Excellence Scholarship — Casey Williamson.

• Missouri State University Inclusive Excellence Housing Scholarship — Casey Williamson.

• Missouri S & T Biology Scholarship — Connor Peterson.

• Missouri S&T Kummer Vanguard Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson and Connor Peterson.

• Missouri S&T Honors Academy Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson and Connor Peterson.

• Missouri S&T Groundbreaker Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson and Connor Peterson.

• Missouri S&T Achievement Scholarship — Baylor Dickinson.

• New York University’s Shanghai Raise Me Scholarship — Aidan Wiggins.

• Ozark Christian College Alumni Scholarship — Joshua Danner, Jordyn Dickey, Laya McAllister and Zion Wood.

• Ozark Christian College Presidential Scholarship — Rachel Davison.

• Ozark Christian College Richardson Dean’s Scholarship — Silas Frank.

• Ozark Christian College Tuesday Tour Scholarship — Zion Wood.

• Pittsburg State University Academic Achievement Award — Dustin Brockmiller, Gavin Burdette, Gracie Cole, Lauren Hicks, Natalie Lewis, Carter Rives and Daniel Roy.

• Pittsburg State University ROTC Scholarship — Dustin Brockmiller.

• Pittsburg State University Diversity Scholarship — Dustin Brockmiller.

• Pittsburg State University Admissions Scholarship — Bailey Moore and Daniel Roy.

• Pittsburg State University Wm. A. Brandenburg Scholarship — Emily Burke.

• Pittsburg State University W. Compton Engineering Scholarship — Gracie Cole.

• Pittsburg State University Smith, Ron & Hortense Scholarship — Natalie Lewis.

• Pittsburg State University SU Plastics Alumni Scholarship — Hayden Sprague.

• Pittsburg State University Lottie L. Sturgeon Scholarship — Ella Gardner.

• University of Arkansas New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award — Houston Collard, Joshua Howard, Myah Njoroge and Elena Ross.

• University of Northern Colorado Bear Scholarship — Trista Hiatt.

• University of New Mexico Lobo Housing Assistance Scholarship — Kyahn Ely.

• William Jewell College Presidential Scholarship — Tristan Barroeta.

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