Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro) Review & Setup Guide — LazyAdmin (2023)

Recently I have upgraded my home network with the Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro). A single device that is your security gateway, network controller, NVR, and even can run your VoIP system and security access system. All this combined with a really high throughput makes it a true dream machine. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at the UDM Pro, how to install and configure it and see how it compares with the UDM, USG Pro, and Cloudkey Gen2.

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My old home network existed of an EdgeRouter X with a Cloudkey Plus Gen2 running the Unifi Network and Protect controller. With the upgrade of my home network, I also took the time to build an Unifi-styled mini rack. You can read more about the rack in this article.

Let’s first take a closer look at the Unifi Dream Machine Pro, what is it, what can it do, and what makes it such a great device?

UDM Pro Review

The Unifi Dream Machine Pro is the most versatile and powerful security gateway in the Unifi product line. It gets its processing power from its 1.7 GH quad-core processor making it capable of delivering a high throughput even with DPI (deep packet inspection) and SQM turned on.

Running on the new Unifi OS, it can host the all the current and future Unifi Controllers:

  • Unifi Network
  • Unifi Protect
  • Unifi Access
  • Unifi Talk

This means that you only need one device, and only have one interface to manage all the aspects of your network.

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The high throughput that the Unifi Dream Machine Pro can deliver is important if you want to use all the (security) features that Unifi has to offer on a fast internet connection. Threat Management, for example, is a security feature that scans your network packages and proactively blocks network traffic from a known security threat.

And with SQM you can prevent bufferbloat, a problem where your router is pushing more data on the internet connection than it can handle.

Features like these require a lot of processing power, something most routers/firewalls lack. If we take a look at the old USG for example, as soon as you enable SQM or Threat Management on it, the connection speed will drop to a max of 60mbps or so.

When we take a look at the technical specifications of the Unifi Dream Machine Pro then we can see where the processing power comes from.


CPU1.7 GHz quad-core processor
Memory4 GB DDR4
On-Board Flash Storage16 GB eMMC
Display1.3″ Color Touch Panel
IDS/IPS Throughput3.5 Gbps
Max SQM Throughput800 Mbps
WAN Ports1x Gigabit RJ45 and 1x 10G SFP+
LAN Ports8x Gigabit RJ45 and 1x 10G SFP+
Harddisk3.5″ HDD Bay (also supports 2.5″ HDD)
Max Power Consumption33 Watt
Dimensions442.4 x 43.7 x 285.6 mm

What you don’t see on the specification are PoE ports. The UDM Pro doesn’t have any PoE ports which is really a shame. If you want to use the UDM Pro in a small network with a couple of cameras or an access point, you will need to either use the PoE Adapters or buy a US-8-60w switch.

The 10G SFP+ ports are a great addition for use cases in a large network where you want to have a high throughput between your switches. You can also use one SFP+ port as an extra port for your LAN connection with the use of an RJ45 1G module.

With the extra 10G SFP+ WAN port, you can create an auto fail-over WAN connection. Load balancing between two WAN connections isn’t supported (yet?) on the Unifi Dream Machine Pro.

Hard drive for NVR

To use Unifi Protect on the Dream Machine Pro you will need to install a hard drive. The UDM Pro doesn’t come with a hard drive included, unlike the Cloudkey Gen2 Plus for example.

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When you choose a hard drive for the UDM Pro, then make sure you pick a drive that is designed for use in a NAS or surveillance system (NVR), for example:

The amount of storage you need really depends on the number of cameras you have, when you record, at what quality, and how long you want to keep it. To give you an idea, for the Unifi Doorbell and camera I have is a 2TB hard disk more than enough to keep the recordings for 30 days.

If you want to know more about Unifi Protect, then make sure you read my review about it.

Unifi Dream Machine Pro Touch Screen

Just like all the Gen2 19″ routers and switches from Unifi comes the UDM Pro with a 1.3″ color touch screen. The touch screen allows you to pull up different stats about the UDM Pro and the controllers that it’s running:

You can also shut down or restart the UDM Pro from the touch screen and change the brightness and color of the screen.

A really nice detail is when you have multiple Unifi devices in your rack with a touch screen, that they will sync. So you can pull up the throughput on one device, and all the devices in the rack will also show their throughput as well.

Redundant Power Supply

Just like on the other Gen2 devices from Unifi can you provide redundant power to your UDM Pro. It has a proprietary power port that you can connect to an Unifi SmartPower RPS.

It will automatically switch over when the internal power supply of the Unifi Dream Machine fails, preventing any interruption.

Internet Threat Management

The Unifi Dream Machine Pro is not only your network controller but also your security gateway. It comes with a built-in firewall and advanced threat management system, just like the Unifi Security Gateways.

The Internet Threat Management is built upon different security features that you each can enable and configure to your liking. You can start with just logging the events, which I really recommend doing the first couple of weeks before you start with automatically blocking the traffic. This way you can check if the threats are really malicious traffic or not.

The security features that you can enable are:

  • IDS/IPS scanning on:
    • Virus and Malware (Botnets, Malware, Trojans, and Worms)
    • P2P and TOR
    • Hacking
    • Internet Traffic (based on known active x, web apps, user agent, web client vulnerabilities)
    • IPs with a bad Reputation
    • Attacks against Network Protocols
  • Internal Threat Scanner (scans connected clients for known threats)
  • Internal Honeypot (helps to detect malware, worms, and other malicious traffic in your network)
  • Restrict access to known malicious IP Addresses

You can also choose between 5 preset configurations that range from maximum performance to maximum security.

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How does the Unifi Dream Machine Pro compare?

As you can read in this review is the Unifi Dream Machine Pro a great all-in-one security gateway for your network. But how does the UDP Pro compare to the other security gateways and controllers that Unifi has to offer?

Unifi Dream Machine Pro vs Cloud Key Gen 2

Comparing the Cloud Key Gen2 with the UDM Pro isn’t a fair comparison to be honest, because the Cloud Key Gen2 is only a controller for your Unifi Network and Unifi Protect. To get the same features as the Unifi Dream Machine Pro you will need to add a USG as well.

If we only look at the Unifi Protect side, then the biggest difference is in the number of cameras supported and the maximum storage size.

UDM ProCloud key Gen 2+
Rack-mountableYesAdd-on needed
HD (1080p)Cameras supported5020
4K Cameras supported156
HDD includedNoYes – 1TB
Max HDD Size16TB5TB (2.5″ only)

The problem with the Cloud key Gen2+ is that a large disk physically doesn’t fit because of the limited height of 15mm. Also, only disks that use 5v are supported.

If you have a Cloud key Gen2 and you want to same features as the UDM Pro, then you will also need to add a USG.

Unifi Dream Machine vs USG

So let’s add the USG as well to the comparison. The USG is one of the most affordable security gateways from Unifi. But it’s also the slowest security gateway, without DPI or SQM is it capable of reaching a 1Gbps throughput.

But the throughput will drop when you turn on any of the security features. The slow CPU is really a bottleneck for the USG.

CPU1.7 GHz quad-coreDual-Core 500 MHz
Memory4 GB DDR4500 MB DDR2
On-Board Flash Storage16 GB eMMC2 GB
LAN(8) 1G RJ45 Port, (1) 10G SFP+ Port(2) 1G RJ45 Port
WAN(1) 1G RJ45 Port, (1) 10G SFP+ Port(1) 1G RJ45 Port
IDS/IPS throughput3.5 Gbps85 Mbps
Max SQM throughput800 Mbps60 Mbps
UniFi ControllersNetwork, Protect, Access, TalkNone
UniFi Smart PowerYesNo

The total price of a Cloud key Gen2+ and a USG is $338. For that price, you can almost buy a UDM Pro which is a lot faster and comes with more features. Only keep in mind that you will need to buy an HDD as well. A Western Digital Purple of 1TB (same size as the Cloud key) costs around $50.

UDM vs UDM Pro

Ubiquiti made with the UDM the first all-in-one device for home users. The Unifi Dream Machine (UDM) is designed to be placed in insight and comes with a built-in access point. While they share pretty much the same name, they are actually quite different.

I have also added the Dream Machine Special Edition (UDM SE) to the comparison. The UDM SE comes with PoE ports and an integrated 128 GB SSD for the NVR (Unifi Protect).

CPU1.7 GHz quad-core1.7 GHz quad-core1.7 GHz quad-core
Memory4 GB DDR44 GB DDR42 GB DDR2
On-Board Flash Storage16 GB eMMC +
128 GB SSD
16 GB eMMC16 GB eMMC
LAN(8) 1G RJ45 Port
(1) 10G SFP+ Port
(8) 1G RJ45 Port
(1) 10G SFP+ Port
(4) 1G RJ45 Port
WAN(1) 2.5G RJ45 Port
(1) 10G SFP+ Port
(1) 1G RJ45 Port,
(1) 10G SFP+ Port
(1) 1G RJ45 Port
PoE(2) PoE+ 802.3at
(6) PoE 802.3af
IDS/IPS throughput3.5 Gbps3.5 Gbps850 Mbps
Max SQM throughput800 Mbps800 Mbps600 Mbps
UniFi ControllersNetwork, Protect, Access, Talk, UIDNetwork, Protect, Access, Talk, UIDNetwork
UniFi Smart PowerYesYesNo
Built-in Access pointNoNo802.11ac 4×4 MU-MIMO for 5GHz
802.11n for 2.4GHz
Security GatewayYesYesYes
Dimensions442 x 43 x 285 mm442 x 43 x 285 mmø 110 x184 mm

The UDM is really your all-in-one network-only device. If you don’t need Unifi Protect, don’t have a lot of wired devices, and don’t mind placing your router insight, then the UDM is the perfect device for you.

And even if you don’t want to place the UDM in your living room, then it’s still a great device. You can expand your network on it with the Unifi (PoE) switch, hook up a couple of Unifi Access Points and you will have a fantastic home network. And the throughput of the UDM is high enough for most home internet connections.

The UDM Pro needs a lot of room, or a mini server rack to be placed. And when you install a hard disk for Unifi Protect, then it will also make some noise due to the fans that need to cool down the disk.

A question that I get a lot is when to buy the UDM or the UDM Pro. If you are not using Protect and don’t have a Gbit fiber internet connection, then the UDM is the right device for you. Otherwise, I would go for the Pro.

Unifi Dream Machine Pro Setup

Installing the Unifi Dream Machine Pro is really simple. You can install the UDM Pro either through your browser or with your mobile phone using Bluetooth. I have done the initial setup through the app and the configuration itself (creating the wireless networks etc) in the browser.

You will need to have a Ubiquiti account. You can create one during the setup or use or existing account if you already have one.

Initial setup

To get started with the setup we first need to connect the Unifi Dream Machine Pro. Connect atleast your modem to the WAN port and connect the power cable to start the UDM Pro.

Open the Unifi Portal app on your mobile phone. The app will either discover the Dream Machine Pro or you will need to click Add Controller. Click on Set Up when the UDM Pro is found.

The setup on the mobile app is really simple, just follow the wizard. I have turned off the Auto-Optimization because it gives more problems than it solved in my experience.

When you have completed all the steps, you will get an overview of the settings after which the UDM Pro will set up the network and update its firmware.

The latter can take a couple of minutes, a good time to connect your laptop with an ethernet cable to the Dream Machine.

Migrating the Unifi Network Controller

If you already have an Unifi Network then the easiest option is the migrate your network. You can use the backup file from your controller to do this. I have chosen to start from scratch with my Unifi Network because my topology map was broken for quite some time now. Even migrating from the Pi to the Cloudkey didn’t fix the map.

I will first describe how you can migrate your network using the backup file and then we will take a look at how you can start from scratch.

Migrate with backup and restore

Make sure that all your devices are running on the latest firmware before you create the backup. This will help to ease the import to the UDM Pro.

  1. On your old controller open the System Settings > Backup / Restore
  2. Download the Backup file, select the last 30 days if you want the historical data as well.
  3. Shutdown your old controller
  4. On the UDM Pro, open the Network controller
  5. Goto Settings > System Settings
  6. Click on choose file to restore from backup
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Migrating with a backup file doesn’t always work. There are a lot of cases on the Unifi community forums where migrating just won’t succeed. If that is the case then your only option is to start from scratch as described below.

Manually migrate your Unifi Network

To manually migrate our Unifi network we first need to remove all the devices from the old controller. You don’t need to factory reset them, we can just “forget” the device in the old controller.

Keep in mind that all the settings and historical data of the device will be lost. So if you have made any changes to the switch ports (like VLANs or Port profiles) those will be lost. A good idea is to make notes of your configuration before you remove the devices.

  1. Open your old network controller
  2. Select a device
  3. Open the device tab
  4. Click forget device under Manage
  5. Do steps 2 to 4 for each device you have.

It can take a couple of minutes after you have “forget” a device before it reappears on the UDM Pro. The device needs to reboot, so give it some time.

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Open the network controller on the Unifi Dream Machine Pro. You will see all the devices that you have removed from the old controller ready to be adopted. Adopt the devices and make sure you re-apply any changes that you have made to the switch ports.

Migrate Unifi Protect

When it comes to migrating Unifi Protect we can only migrate the cameras with their settings, like the motion zones. What won’t be migrated are the following items:

  • Old recordings
  • User accounts
  • Alert settings
  • Time-based purge settings

Just like with Unifi Protect we are going to use the backup file to migrate the cameras:

  1. Open the old Unifi Protect controller
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select General
  4. Download the backup file.
  5. Shutdown your old Unifi Protect controller.
Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro) Review & Setup Guide — LazyAdmin (22)

On the Unifi Dream Machine Pro, we do pretty much the same steps, only this time you click on Restore instead of backup.

Make sure you create the necessary user accounts and set up the alert settings that you want. If you want to know more about Unifi Protect, then make sure you read this article where I go more into detail about setting up Unifi Protect.

Configuring Unifi Network on the Unifi Dream Machine Pro

We have now done the initial setup of our Dream Machine Pro, but we may still need to configure the Unifi Thread Management, WAN connection, and maybe even fine-tune the LAN network.

If you have migrated your network, then you can probably skip some steps depending on where you are coming from. If you come from a Cloudkey then you will need to take a look at the SQM settings and Internet Security.

We are going to start with configuring the LAN and Wireless network. You can skip this step if you have migrated your network.

Configuring LAN and WiFi Network

We are going to keep the configuration basic, so no VLANs or guest networks. I will cover that in another article.

  1. Open Settings and select Networks
  2. Edit the LAN network and expand advanced
  3. Change the DHCP range to to This way we have some room to make IP reservation for devices that needs it (like a Raspberry Pi, or Smart Home device)
  4. Select WiFi
  5. Add your wireless network, and make sure that both WiFi Bands are selected. Use the same wireless network name and password that you had, this way all your clients will automatically reconnect to your new network.
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Configure Internet Settings

For the Internet settings we only really need to change one setting, Smart Queues (SQM). SQM will prioritize your internet traffic, making sure that VoIP and streaming traffic goes before downloading, for example.

It will also help you to prevent buffer bloat problems, where the router/modem becomes overloaded with traffic, resulting in higher latency.

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Before you enable SQM you will need to know what internet speed you really can achieve at the moment. Make sure nobody is using the network and run a couple of speed tests at DSLReport.com.

Enable SQM and set the upload speed a couple Mbit lower than the speed you can achieve.

Make sure you enter the Up and Down rate in kbits, a factor 1000x of mbit

I also recommend changing the DNS servers to one of the fastest DNS servers, like or OpenDNS. The latter also helps to protect your network by blocking traffic to known malicious IP Addresses.

Setting up Internet Threat Management

The last step that we need to configure is the security settings. Internet Threat Management can really help to protect your network, and with the processing power of the UDM Pro, you can enable most of the features without noticing any performance loss.

I recommend starting with detecting intrusions only and keeping an eye on the events for the first couple of weeks. After you are satisfied with the results you can change it to automatically block the network traffic.

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I have set the sensitivity to balanced. This will protect you against viruses, malware, and known threats and block peer-to-peer traffic. Depending on your situation you can enable or disable the features.

If you have a webserver running for example, then it’s a good idea to also scan for suspicious SQL traffic and web threats to the webserver.

You can also scan for attacks against different protocols, but if you have blocked those protocols in the firewall (and they are blocked by default) then there is really no need to scan for this in a home network.

Network Scanners

Under the Network Scanners, you can enable the Threat Scanner and Internal Honeypot. The first one will scan your clients and report any potential security threats, like open ports.

The honeypot will help you to detect viruses on your network. Enable them both and create a honeypot. Give it an IP Address outside the DHCP scope that we created earlier.


Firewall rules are created automatically so we don’t need to change anything there by default.


The last security option that we can enable is to restrict access to malicious IP Addresses and restrict access to Tor traffic. I recommend turning them both on.

Threat Event Log

Any suspicious traffic will show up in the Threat Management. In the Overview tab, you can see a map with all threats and where they come from. I didn’t have any attacks (yet), but the map also allows you to block traffic from a complete country. Simply click on the country and select Block.

Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro) Review & Setup Guide — LazyAdmin (26)

In the traffic log you will find an overview of the events. If you click on the event you can either block the traffic, or whitelist it. The traffic log is something that you want to keep an eye on in the beginning, to make sure that only malicious traffic is blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cameras can UDM Pro support?

50 HD Cameras or 15 4K cameras.

Does the UDM Pro have PoE ports?

No, the Unifi Dream Machine Pro doesn’t have any PoE ports.

Does the Dream Machine Pro have WiFi?

No, the Pro doesn’t have a built-in access point unlike the normal Dream Machine.

How to reboot the UDM Pro?

You can use the touch screen to initiate a reboot of the UDM Pro. You will find it under settings.

How to Setup the Unifi Dream Machine Pro

You can use the app Unifi Portal to get started. You mobile will automatically connect over Bluetooth with the UDM Pro to initiate the setup wizard.

Wrapping Up

I really like the Unifi Dream Machine Pro, it looks nice, has an amazing throughput and it’s really nice to have everything in one appliance that you can centrally manage. Setting up the UDM Pro is really easy, for a basic home network implementation you really don’t need to have any networking skills.

What I miss on the UDM Pro are the PoE ports and maybe a second hard drive bay. There is room enough inside the UDMP Pro for an additional hard disk which would be a great addition from a redundancy/backup perspective.

Also, the 1Gbit backplane of the 8 switch ports is a shortcoming. If you have a NAS or other file server and transfer a lot of data on your internal network then you really need to use a separate switch.

I hope you found my review of the Unifi Dream Machine Pro useful, if you have any questions, just drop a comment below.

Unifi Dream Machine Pro

I really like the Unifi Dream Machine Pro, it looks nice, has an amazing throughput and it’s really nice to have everything in one appliance that you can centrally manage. Setting up the UDM Pro is really easy, for a basic home network implementation you really don’t need to have any networking skills.

Rudy Mens

Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro) Review & Setup Guide — LazyAdmin (27)






The Unifi Dream Machine Pro is a powerful security gateway for your network, easy to manage and set up.




Is UniFi Dream Machine Pro worth it? ›

The UDM is really your all-in-one network-only device. If you don't need Unifi Protect, don't have a lot of wired devices, and don't mind placing your router insight, then the UDM is the perfect device for you. And even if you don't want to place the UDM in your living room, then it's still a great device.

What is the difference between Dream Machine and Dream Machine Pro? ›

The most recent version of the Dream Machine comes with a Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 AP. The Dream Machine Pro, on the other hand, does not come with an inbuilt access point. That means you may be required to purchase an extra access point unit to utilize the wireless network in your Dream Machine Pro properly.

What is a UniFi Dream Machine Pro used for? ›

As an all-in-one security gateway, Ubiquiti's UniFi Dream Machine Pro takes some beating. This sleek 1U rack appliance provides gateway, routing, VPN and firewall services, plus threat protection, deep packet inspection and wireless network management too, courtesy of the integrated UniFi Controller.

Is Ubiquiti overkill for home? ›

Still, Ubiquiti's UniFi products can be overwhelming and overkill in many cases. Generally, home users should go with AmpliFi instead of UniFi.

Does UniFi have a monthly fee? ›

They are $9.99/subscription/month. Depending on your use case, you may not even need 12 subscriptions as you can share a single number across multiple devices with the Groups feature in UniFi Talk.

How many cameras can I use with Dream Machine Pro? ›

View up to 20 live camera feeds in a single window.

Is Dream Machine discontinued? ›

Requiem For A Clock Radio: Sony Dream Machine Discontinued.

Does Dream Machine have VPN? ›

VPN Tracker 365 is compatible with over 300 leading VPN gateways, including the popular UniFi series from Ubiquiti: UniFi Dream Machine, UniFi Dream Machine Pro, UniFi Security Gateway, and UniFi Security Gateway Pro 4.

Is the UDM Pro noisy? ›

While equipped with a cooling fan, the UDM Pro is extremely quiet in operation provided you do not use a hard drive, giving immense flexibility in placement.

Can you use a UDM Pro without a hard drive? ›

No, The UDM-Pro has no onboard storage for Recording. Yes, You will need a drive installed to enable it.

Do you need a cloud key if you have a dream machine Pro? ›

Accepted solution. No, you don't need a Cloud Key, or any other kind of Unifi Controller for that matter, if you have UDM-Pro. The controller as well as the USG are integrated.

Can you use the UniFi dream machine as a router? ›

Just like the name suggests, this Dream Machine is part of Ubiquiti's Unifi collection. It's an excellent router for home or business use, but it can be for pro users as well. This router acts as a bridge between Ubiquiti's two product lines – Amplifi and Unifi.

Why is Ubiquiti so much cheaper? ›

The difference with Ubiquiti UniFi is that their approach to traditional industry practices are a little different and thus avoid what they deem unneccessary costs. This means that these costs don't get passed down the ladder to the consumer, meaning they can offer a comparably performing product at a much lower price.

Does UniFi Dream Machine need a hard drive? ›

HDDs are not required for normal operation, however they expand the functionality by enabling things such as video recording from UniFi Protect, and call recordings and voicemails from UniFi Talk.

Is UniFi hacked? ›

54.0 has been hacked on 1st January 2022. Do you know how it is possible and how to secure this backdoor on UniFi controller?

Why is my Ubiquiti Wi-Fi so slow? ›

If too many devices are connected or on bandwidth heavy activities like video streaming or downloading large files, your internet speed can be affected. Your router's location plays a very important role in ensuring the Wi-Fi signals properly reach your device and offer optimum speed.

How many cameras do you need for a Ubiquiti? ›

We recommend up to 20 cameras for the UVC-NVR, up to 50 for the UAS-XG.

Why is UniFi so popular? ›

The reason it's so special is that it can be powered entirely using Power Over Ethernet (PoE). The vast majority of the UniFi range is PoE enabled. A PoE enabled device gets its network and power over a single cable. This saves the hassle of having to run power and network cables to each device.

How much does UniFi software cost? ›

The plans start at $99. - per month for 250 UniFi devices and $249. - per month for 1000 devices.

Is UniFi Controller software free? ›

With UniFi, you use the UniFi Network application. This is free software that can run on Windows, macOS or Linux. You can run the software on any PC you have, on a physical server, or in a VM or Docker container.

Which UniFi camera is best for night vision? ›

1. Unifi G4 Pro. Considered Ubiquiti's top end camera solution, the G4 Pro provides users with 4K HD resolution and 3x motorized optical zoom. The camera also has high power infrared LED lights that improve night vision, as well as enhanced low-light sensitivity features.

Do I need a switch with UDM Pro? ›

Need more than 8 ports

If you only need the 8 ports then no you won't need another switch. But if you need say 10 ports then yes you would have to buy a switch.

Does Ubiquiti cameras require a subscription? ›

With UniFi Protect, there are no subscription fees to worry about whatsoever.

Does UniFi need a router? ›

Routers allow you to communicate between networks — from the Internet to your home network, and back. UniFi Wi-Fi access points are not routers, which is why you'll need to use something else as your router.

What does the Dream Machine Pro replace? ›

The UniFi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro) is the latest security gateway from Ubiquiti. Along with the upcoming UXG-Pro, it replaces the USG-Pro as the high-end, rackmount option in the UniFi line.

How many clients can the Dream Machine Pro handle? ›

How many APs, Clients/devices is the Dream machine pro able to manage? We have a little over 50 APs and 200-300 clients at the most. The Cloud Key Gen 2 is able to manage 40 APs, per the documentation.

Which Ubiquiti VPN is best? ›

We strongly recommend Teleport VPN for most users seeking to remotely access their UniFi OS Console's network. It's faster, more secure, and requires zero configuration.

Does Dream Machine Pro have security gateway? ›

All-in-one, enterprise-grade UniFi OS Console and security gateway designed to host the full UniFi application suite.

What is the VPN speed of ubiquiti? ›

The USG IPsec VPN seems to max out around 12-15Mbps.

How hot does UDM Pro get? ›

ProcessorQuad ARM Cortex-A57 Core at 1.7 GHz
System Memory4 GB DDR4
On-Board Flash Storage16 GB eMMC
Operating Temperature-10 to 40° C (14 to 104° F)
18 more rows

Can you set up UDM Pro without Internet? ›

All UniFi OS Consoles can be setup locally without requiring a UI Account or Internet Connection via the UniFi Mobile App.

Do hard drives fail if not used? ›

Mechanical Failure: Even with the proper storage conditions, mechanical failure, such as the platters failing to spin up due to motor failure, or spindle bearing failure, can happen. These types of failures tend to occur when drives are stored for exceptionally long periods of time without ever being powered on.

What cameras are compatible with UniFi Dream Machine Pro? ›

UniFi Protect is compatible with all G2, G3, and G4 cameras and doorbells with the prefix UVC (UVC, UVC-G3, and UVC-G4), as well as all Protect IoT devices with UFP and UP prefixes. Note: Aircams and cameras from third-party vendors are not by UniFi Protect.

Should I buy Dream Router or Dream Machine? ›

The Dream Router wins the match as it has more storage space for less money. The Dream Router also supports the latest Wi-Fi 6, giving you maximum performance and device connectivity. Plus, has a higher DS/IPS speed as compared to the Dream Machine, so you can expect a more efficient device.

What is the purpose of cloud key? ›

The UniFi Cloud key is capable of configuring and managing dozens of UniFi devices in your network such as UniFi Access Points, Switches and Security Gateway routers. Replacing a dedicated server or computer, the UniFi Cloud Key is an ultra-low energy solution with virtually no footprint.

Does UniFi replace router? ›

With the FREE router replacement, your unifi contract will be renewed to 12 months or 24 months depending on the following scenarios: II. Alternatively, if you do not wish for your contract to be renewed, you may purchase the router with a one- off payment at RM188.

Do UniFi cameras need Internet access? ›

No, the cameras do not.

How many Wi-Fi networks can I have on UniFi? ›

You can have up to four wireless network names or SSIDs per WLAN group.

Is Ubiquiti a Chinese company? ›

Ubiquiti Inc. (formerly Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.) is an American technology company founded in San Jose, California, in 2003.

Is Cisco better than Ubiquiti? ›

Comparison Results: Both solutions received very positive reviews from users. Cisco Wireless has a slight edge over Ubiquiti WLAN since users feel it has better stability and better technical support.

What big companies use Ubiquiti? ›

Since our founding, our customers have been our strongest references.
  • Inalfa Roof Systems.
  • John Deere.
  • Lear Corp.
  • Magna International.
  • Marquardt GmbH.
  • Yazaki NA.

What is the maximum speed of UniFi dream machine? ›

It's free to use, but there's a big catch. Once Threat Management is turned on, the UDM's max Wi-Fi speed reduces to 850 Mbps.

What is the difference between Unifi Dream Machine Pro and SE? ›

The main differences between the UDM-SE and UDM-Pro are: UDM-SE has a managed PoE switch whereas the Pro only has a managed switch. UDM-SE has a 2.5GbE WAN port whereas the Pro only has a 1Gbps WAN port. UDM-SE has an integrated 128 GB M.

Is Ubiquiti a good investment? ›

Valuation metrics show that Ubiquiti Inc. may be overvalued. Its Value Score of D indicates it would be a bad pick for value investors. The financial health and growth prospects of UI, demonstrate its potential to underperform the market.

Does UDM Pro need a controller? ›

Since the UDM-Pro includes a built-in UniFi controller, it is capable of running the UniFi Network Management Software without an external installation or Cloud Key.

Is UniFi a Chinese company? ›

Ubiquiti Inc.

(formerly Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.) is an American technology company founded in San Jose, California, in 2003. Now based in New York City, Ubiquiti manufactures and sells wireless data communication and wired products for enterprises and homes under multiple brand names.

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