Instagram stuck on processing - Story/Reels/Videos stuck 2022 (2023)

Are you facing the problem of Instagram stuck on processing? Then, you are not all alone. There are many Instagram users who face this problem.

Suppose, you are going to upload any post/reel/story/video on the Instagram app, but you may feel frustrated when that content is not being uploaded.

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You will find out that Instagram is stuck on processing. Furthermore, you may find the same problem if you are unable to edit the post/ This issue in processing will not let you add the caption.

There can be several reasons why you find out that the Instagram app is stuck on processing. But if you identify the real cause, you will be able to save your energy and time.

Hence, read this article to know more about instagram stuck on processing problem and find out how you can solve it in no time.

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What is Instagram processing stuck problem?

Instagram processing stuck problem appears when your Instagram account shows failure in uploading any new Instagram reel/videos/posts/stories.

You will not be able to do it for an uncertain time. If you need to update or add the caption to the already uploaded Instagram reels/posts/videos/stories, you will not be able to do it so on time. Unless you find the real cause, this problem may persist for a long time.

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Why is Instagram video/Reels/Story uploaded stuck on processing

1. Instagram server might be down

Many times, it has been seen that the server of the Instagram app gets down. You will experience that the video/reel/story that you are going to upload is stuck on processing.

In this case, you should not be worried. This is the issue with the Instagram app and it will be fixed by the Instagram team only.

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Once, this technical issue will be resolved by the Instagram team, you will be able to upload videos/reels/stories/posts in no time.

Afterward, you will be able to edit the Instagram videos/reels/stories effortlessly. You will not find that the content that you are editing is stuck in processing on the Instagram app.

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2. Older version Instagram app

The Instagram team brings new features and promotes data security whenever the latest version comes off the Instagram app.

But if you are still using its old version, you will find that the features that you are using on the Instagram app are not responding well. Their performance is very slow.

Likewise, when you upload any post/video/ story/reel, you can feel frustrated when the uploading will be stuck in processing. Hence, you should update your Instagram app to the latest version. Your problem will certainly be sorted out.

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3. Might be Bug or issues from Instagram

Remember what happened last year? In 2021, an unknown bug crashed the whole software of the Instagram app.

Due to this, Instagram users suffered a lot worldwide. They could not upload any content on the platform for half a day.

Moreover, those entrepreneurs that relied on the Instagram platform only suffered heavily. It made them lose millions of dollars on that day.

If this problem came in the year 2021, this problem can come anytime. Hence, if any bug crashes the system of Instagram again, you should not feel trouble.

These problems are often uncertain. When it will happen again, the Instagram team will resolve it in a short time.

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4. Slow Internet Connection

Check if the internet connection that you are using for uploading or editing the Instagram video/reel/story is good.

The poor internet connection will not make you load the content on time. In this case, you should switch to any other good internet connection or wi-fi. Your problem will be fixed without any error.

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How to fix Instagram stuck on processing?

#1. Re-upload your Instagram Reels /Videos /Story

If you are not able to upload your Instagram reels/videos/stories, you should delete that process. After deleting that process, you should try to upload your Instagram reels/videos/stories. You will be able to upload the content in no time.

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#2. Make sure a High internet connection

Firstly, you should examine how the other apps are performing on your smartphone. If you find that you are using a poor internet connection, the other applications will also not work effectively.

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You should turn to a high internet connection. You can choose the wi-fi service. Your problem will certainly get solved. You will be able to upload the Instagram reels/videos/stories/posts without any delay.

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#3. Make sure Video is not too long

If the Instagram video that you are uploading is of more than 60 seconds, it will not be uploaded on the Instagram app.

During the procedure of uploading the video on Instagram, your uploaded content will be stuck in processing on Instagram.

Hence, you should use video editing tools to cut the time period of videos. By using those editing video apps, you will be able to make your video of 60 seconds. Then, that video will not get stuck in processing.

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#4. Upload Acceptable Format of Video or Reels

You should make sure that the video or reels that you are uploading on the Instagram app are in MP4 format.

If those videos/reels are not of MP4 quality, you will not be able to upload the video or reels on the Instagram app. Hence, you should change the format of videos or reels.

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#5. Wait for sometimes as it might be Bug

If you find out that the Instagram app is crashed due to a bug issue, you should wait for some time. The Instagram team is committed to solving such problems as soon as possible.

in this way, the users will be able to get the best experience of the app once again. Some businesses rely on this platform.

Hence, the problem will be resolved shortly and you will not face any failure in uploading the videos/ stories/posts.

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#6. Keep updated on your Instagram app

If your Instagram app is of the old version, you should update the app. Otherwise, you will not be able to use its features in a better way.

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Once you will find that your Instagram app is updated, you will see a difference yourself when less time will be consumed in uploading.

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#7. Try uploading Via the Instagram lite app

The Instagram lite app is a lightweight option of the Instagram app. If you are unable to upload or edit the content and get the error that Instagram is stuck in the processing, you should go to the Google Play store to download the Instagram lite app. Now, you can upload your video content easily on the Instagram lite app.

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#8. Clear data of Instagram App

If your data is saved in iCloud storage, you should make sure that the iCloud storage capacity is not full. If the storage capacity is full, then, go to the cache and clear the cache.

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You can clear the iCloud storage data also. Furthermore, you can turn off the iCloud storage capacity. By doing it, you will be able to upload the video/reel/post/story on Instagram easily.

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#9. Report to Instagram using something isn`t working

Another option that will work for you when no other option will not work for you is to report to Instagram. Follow the following steps to report a problem on Instagram that something is not working:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the settings.
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  • Tap on ‘Help.’
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  • You will find an option to report a problem. Tap on it.
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  • You can shake the phone to report a problem, Another option is to explain your problem briefly to report a problem.
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#10. Upload appropriate size of reels/videos

You should upload the appropriate size reel/videos on Instagram to avoid this problem. Hence, the uploaded content should be of 60 seconds and of MP4 quality.

FAQ on Instagram stuck on processing

How much time does it take to upload reels/videos/stories on Instagram?

It often takes time to upload reels/videos/stories on Instagram. It mostly depends on your internet connectivity and the size of the file that you are going to upload on the Instagram app.

Can I solve Instagram reels stuck on processing?

Yes, you can solve Instagram reels stuck on processing. There are many ways that will help you in resolving this problem. Hence, check out the probable solutions here:
1. Update your Instagram account
2. Try uploading the reel again
3. Wait until the technical issue gets resolved
4. Upload the reel of only 60 seconds
5. Upload the reel of the MP4 quality
6. Clear cache of the Instagram app
7. Report your problem to the Instagram app

Why is Instagram taking so long to post?

Your Instagram app is taking so long to post due to various reasons. Take a look to know the probable reason here:
1. Server of Instagram is down
2. Poor internet connection
3. Might be subject to bug
4. Old version of the Instagram app

Why are Instagram stories failing to upload?

The Instagram stories are failing to upload because the Instagram stories that you are uploading are of more than 60 seconds and not of MP4 quality. Furthermore, you might be using the old version of the app and get the message to update your app again and again.

Wrap up on instagram processing stuck

Finally, with the help of our article, your problem of instagram stuck on processing would have been solved from given 10 ways.

We have tried our best to give you helpful solution of instagram post/reels/videos stuck on uploading and sending.

If you have any query or issue related to the instagram processing stuck then you can comment below.

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