9 Ways Jennifer Aniston Earns And Spends Her Fortune (2022)

Jennifer Aniston has been turning heads in Hollywood since she first starred as Rachel Green in the hit television series, Friends. There is no disputing the wild success of this show, which relied heavily on the well developed, and highly relatable characters that starred in the sitcom.

Considered to be the launch of her very successful career, Jennifer Aniston catapulted the fame and worldwide recognition she received by starring as Rachel, and turned it into decades of successful ventures. She has remained a fan-favorite and continues to add millions of dollars a year to her already astounding fortune. Her net worth is currently reported as being $300 million, and she is certainly reaping the benefits of her wealth. Insider reports that Jennifer Aniston spends her fortune selectively. Here's how she spends, and earns, her wealth...

9 Earns: Friends

Friends remains an iconic show of mammoth proportions, and Jennifer Aniston played a huge role in the success of the show. Portraying Rachel Green for the entire 10 season run of the show, Aniston earned an absolute fortune, which continues to grow. By the end of the final season, she was earning $1.25 million per episode.

She continues to earn $20 million a year due to syndication rights, and when Netflix took over the rights to the show, each star made an additional $2 million each.

8 Spends: Bentley Continental GT

Aniston's wildly successful time on Friends meant that she could immediately start spending her money, and there was an abundance of it. She's known to really appreciate luxury cars, and tends to lean towards sleek, classy machines, and not the brightly colored flashy ones that other celebrities are attracted to.

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Jennifer Aniston owns a stunning Bentley Continental GT which set her back well over $300,000 before customization.

7 Earns: Movies

Her success on the small screen quickly opened doors for Aniston on the big screen, too. She has starred in dozens of movies, some of which were better received than others. Her rolein Marley & Me, added $8 million to her earnings, and another $5 million was earned from her acting role in We Are The Millers. Other movies she has starred in include Office Christmas Party, Mother's Day, and the Bounty Hunter, to name a few.

6 Spends: Rolex Day-Date Gold Watch

Jennifer Aniston loves to accessorize, and definitely appreciates the value of a really high quality time piece. She is often spotted wearing her Rolex Day-Date Gold watch, which is valued at roughly $34,000. That was at the time of purchase, which was several years ago. This watch is truly one of a kind, and is actually as much of an investment as it is an indulgence.

The sheer quality and rarity of this watch means that it actually increases in value each year.

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5 Earns: Endorsements

One of the largest contributors to Jennifer Aniston's wealth and fortune are her numerous endorsement contracts. She earns well over $10 million each year, simply by lending her face and voice to brands that pay her an enormous amount of money to represent them.

She's in such high demand that her deals are too many to list. Some of her biggest endorsement deals are with Diet Coke, L'Oreal, and Heineken. Her long time deal with Smartwater has been among her most lucrative, and her partnership with Emirates Airline was valued at an immediate $5 million upon signing. She is also, of course, the face of Aveeno, and has been the face of a number of Elizabeth Arden fragrances, as well.

4 Spends: Weekly Hair Sessions

It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston is known for her stunning looks... and her stunning locks! In fact, her iconic haircut that was debuted on a Friends episode quickly caught on as being 'The Rachel.'

In order to maintain her shiny, flowing locks, Jennifer has kept a very close relationship with her hairstylist and now friend, Chris McMillan. She sees him for weekly hair maintenance appointments, each of which costs a jaw-dropping $920.00. Looking great comes with a hefty price tag.

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3 Earns: Her Production Company, Echo Films

Jennifer Aniston isn't just talented in front of the cameras, she happens to dominate behind the lends, too. She owns her very own production company called Echo Films, which she launched in 2008.

She nets an undisclosed income from the movies produced by Echo, such as The Switch, and Cake, and there are a number of television shows being produced by the company, as well.

2 Spends: Private Massages

Jennifer Aniston loves to indulge in massages. It keeps her relaxed, and feeling healthy, and much like everything else in her life, she does this on her own terms.

Aniston doesn't like to go to massage appointments, she'd much rather they come to her. She dedicates thousands of dollars each month to have a personal masseuse attend her residence and provide massage therapy services to her in the comfort of her own home.

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1 Real Estate

Jennifer's real estate portfolio is an impressive one.She owns a massive apartment in New York City which is situated in Gramercy Park. She paid $8.7 million for 2,873 square feet, and occupies the 9th floor of the building. this offers her all the privacy and security of a home, along with the amenities of a luxury hotel.

Aniston also owns a Hollywood Hills apartment on Bird Street, which is an elaborate 2 bedroom apartment valued at just shy of $1 million.

Among a series of other properties, she also owns a Bel Air Mansion which spans over $8500 square feet and features 4 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. Her two acres of land are so perfectly situated that they offer both city, and ocean views, and her backyard landscaping around the pool area is nothing short of an outdoor oasis.

The residence is luxurious, and grand, and boasts huge balconies with breathtaking views. It's the perfect scene for a star who's earned it all.

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Sources: The Travel, Insider,The News


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